Operating your campground can be around the clock,
particularly during your peak season. Who has time
for bookkeeping?



How do you access my QuickBooks and KampSight©?

We have a server dedicated to hosting QuickBooks Enterprise, which allows multiple users to be logged into your books at the same time. We also obtain our own KampSight© credentials to be able to log in and pull the daily import files into your QuickBooks. If you aren’t using this feature of KampSight© we can assist you in implementing the efficiencies of importing your daily activity.

What if I already have a bookkeeper?

That’s great! It is essential to have someone on site that opens the mail, pays the bills, makes deposits, prepares time cards and even does some basic data entry into the QuickBooks file. We fill in the gaps and provide a review process that ensures your internal controls are sufficient.

What if I already have a tax preparer?

That’s great too! We work hand in hand with your CPA or tax preparer when it comes time to file your tax returns. Adding us to your professional team can assist you and your CPA in proactive tax planning.

Can you just do it all?

Yes! We tailor the services we provide to meet the needs of each client. That includes full-charge data entry of all your transactions, paying your bills, reconciling your bank statements, processing payroll along with the quarterly and annual payroll compliance, multi-state income tax preparation, tax planning, financial planning and business consulting. We can do it all for you or just what you don’t want to do. Having a second set of eyes on your books creates internal controls and safeguards against employee theft and simple bookkeeping errors.

On the flip side, we can do as little as you need too. One of our campground clients has a full time manager that handles the majority of the bookkeeping and we provide the review controls by reconciling the bank accounts and overseeing the data entry.  Another client pays her own bills but doesn’t have a bookkeeper so we handle nearly 100% of the data entry, as

What does it take to get started?

We are happy to offer a no-charge initial consultation so we can explain more about who we are and what we can do for you. We can answer any questions you have and explain in greater detail how we serve our other valued campground owners. Once you are ready to get started with us we will get your QuickBooks file loaded on to our server and begin the transition.



Let us take away the stress of your bookkeeping so you
can do more of what you want to do!